Thursday, October 12, 2017

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This site is strictly for conference registration and travel information.  For most web browsers, use the links to the left to register.  For mobile browsers, Click Here to Register!

For additional information about the conference and the David Foster Wallace Society, please see the following links:

Conference Homepage
Presentations, Proposals, and Schedules
DFW Society Homepage
The International Society for DFW Studies

Registration Fees

In recognition of differing financial situations, we offer different registration tiers.  It typically costs $70 per person to cover catering, classroom reservations, and speaker fees - the higher fees paid by full-time faculty help subsidize student attendees.

Early Registration (by April 30, 2018)

Faculty + Sponsorship: $150*
Faculty / Full-Time Employment: $100
Students / Part-Time Employed: $75
Students: $40

Register for the 2018 Conference

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*The sliding scale is based upon employment status.  If you have a full-time job with health benefits, then you would pay the $100 rate.  If you are employed part-time or you are a student with a stipend and tuition waiver, then you only pay the $75 rate.  If you are a student without a tuition waiver, then only pay the $40 rate.

*$75 of each Sponsorship registration will be applied to Registration Waivers for student presenters with financial need.  In 2017, we were able to award waivers to seven presenters.

Reserve a Book Fair Table ($50)

In case you can't attend, we're happy to take care of a table for you - no additional fees or registration will be charged aside from the $50 table fee.  The DFW Conference cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced items at the book fair.

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Add-On (Coming Soon!):
Dorm Stay: $40/night for 3 nights ($120 total).  Bring Your Own Blankets and Towel!  The dorms only provide sheets!

Late Registration (Starting May 1)

Faculty: $120
Students/Part Time: $90
Students: $50
Book Fair: $60